Innovation consultancy and venture builder for food & FMCG

We develop strategies for corporates in the food industry and make use of unfair advantages to build successful ventures.

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Food Tech Invest Days

In cooperation with Deutscher Fachverlag and Lebensmittel Zeitung, we are hosting the first Food Tech Invest Days on January 28 and 29, 2021.

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Strategic consulting

Decode food and technology trends and develop new opportunities


Utilize strategic challenges and ideas to jointly develop suitable solutions

Your list of possible innovation challenges and opportunities is long? We provide an objective view of product and service ideas, prioritize them, and start to execute them.

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Navigate through emerging challenges and define growth opportunities

What opportunities does COVID-19 create? We define customized ways to achieve growth – through new products, commercial partnerships, and strategic investments.


Execution of new business models

Set up the right structures for innovation and build new companies

Innovation Unit

Accelerate and efficiently steer innovation efforts through the right structures

Accelerator, innovation hub, or corporate venture capital fund? We design the right vehicle to systematically build sustainable new business.


Innovation Unit

Venture Building

Validate, build, and scale new business models like a startup

Internal processes take too long, opportunities are not capitalized on? We build innovative products and execute digital solutions – outside of the core organization.


Venture Building




We build new companies. Together with established partners and extraordinary founders, we systematically create startups. Through our lean approach we’re able to quickly develop and scale new businesses.

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Rezepte & Bestell-App
Smarter Point of Sale


We are a diverse team. Based on entrepreneurial foundations, we find practical solutions instead of solely theoretical approaches.

WeFood Future Report

In a joint effort with Bösch Boden Spies, we have asked ourselves what the future of the food industry might look like, which trends will influence consumer behavior, and how global value chains are changing under the influence of COVID-19.

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Our newsletter covers an array of topics ranging from industry news and background infos to startup deals and insights into food innovation and FoodTech.

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