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Connect & Inspire

Consult & Strategize

Collaborate & Build


Inspiration Journey

Explore Berlin’s vibrant Food and FoodTech ecosystem and connect with startups in no time

Insight Network

Understand the most important innovation drivers and learn about fascinating success stories during an exclusive year-long program

Digital Board

Install a digital council providing you with crucial competencies and entrepreneurial experience

Strategy Workshop

Sort and prioritize current innovation activities and jointly develop refined concepts

Opportunity Check

Review existing ideas for new products or services and examine them through an external lens

Innovation Roadmap

Develop viable strategies to increase innovation and foster long-lasting growth

New Business Design

Validate entrepreneurial options for new growth by leveraging existing capabilities

Innovation Unit

Lay the foundation for success by designing strategic innovation units in a conceptually optimal way

Venture Building

Build new companies through a systematic step-by-step approach and away from the core business

We are a strategic and entrepreneurial partner

As both a consultancy and a company builder, we are specialized in understanding the challenges regarding new business models, digitalisation and innovation. Our focus is the food industry. We take great pride in shaping and creating the necessary change.

  • Developing viable innovation strategies
  • Establishing entrepreneurial partnerships
  • Designing innovation units
  • Implementing new business models
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Founder Mentality

We are passionate entrepreneurs, excited about bold ideas, big challenges and developing inspiring long-term solutions.


We have strong partners. We maximize our impact by leveraging our top notch network consisting of subject matter experts, startups, corporate representatives and investors.


We are experienced specialists. We bring extensive know-how from the food industry to the table, understand its complexities – and bridge the gap to other industries.


We build new companies. Together with established partners and extraordinary founders, we systematically create startups. Through our lean approach we’re able to quickly develop and scale new businesses.

Nachhaltige Protein-Snacks
Rezepte & Bestell-App
Smarter Point of Sale


We provide an understanding of trends, develop strategies suitable for the digital world, realize ideas and accelerate growth by creating new markets. We think every project through from the ground up – and find tailor-made solutions.


We are a diverse team. Based on entrepreneurial foundations, we find practical solutions instead of solely theoretical approaches.

Nächstes Event

Food Innovation Camp 2020


15. Juni 2020


We help connect important players in the food innovation space with one another. Within our ecosystem, we cooperate with a growing number of leading partners. Become one of them today!



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