Regional products directly from the farm – impossible in the city? Wrong thought! We looked at 15 Farm-to-Fork Startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland., for example, enables a more sustainable meat consumption, Marktschwärmer offers new distribution channels for farmers, or etepetete, which provides a vegetable box subscription from the nearest farm.

The corona crisis is currently leading to increased order volumes and could thus represent a breakthrough for many online farm shops and marketplaces in the future. This will not only help consumers, but also producers who are currently unable to sell their products on the market.

It becomes clear that regionality and seasonally available food is gaining in popularity. The demand for sustainable products and traditional food crafts is growing in the cities. Farm-to-fork start-ups manage to offer win-win solutions for both ends of the value chain.

The list contains the following Farm-to-Fork Startups: AbhofladenAnni’s BauernboxBioigelEmma’s AppetepeteteFarmyFrischepostHofladen ExpressKaufnekuhMarktaMarktschwärmerMyFarmBoxNahgenussObergudt and Pielers.

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German Farm-to-Fork Startups

Anni's Bauernbox

Country: Germany

With Anni’s Bauernbox the customer can assemble the box individually. Only after the order the products are harvested or produced. Twice a week they can be picked up at selected stations.

Emma's App

Country: Germany

Emmas App enables retailers such as farm shops, bakers or butchers to sell their products directly to consumers. The customer can then either pick up the order on site or have it delivered to their home.


Country: Germany

The Munich start-up is committed to the fight against food waste. In the online shop you can buy vegetables and fruit with blemishes that do not meet the supermarket standard from local farmers as a box.


Country: Germany

Frischepost delivers food from regional farmers and manufacturers to private households and companies. Frischepost serves as a direct marketing platform for the producers. The refrigerators specially provided for offices are refilled daily.

Kauf ne Kuh

Country: Germany

Kaufnekuh offers boxes with different meat products. The special: The animal is only slaughtered once it has been sold 100%. The progress can be watched on the website, where each animal is listed with its number.


Country: Germany

Marktschwärmer serves as an online platform for farmers. Anyone can register here as a “Schwärmerei”. You only provide the sales area. The farmers then sell their online orders there once a week.

Country: Germany

At the producer is informed directly after the order. This sends in further consequence the commodity freshly to Also meat and milk products are contained in the boxes, which can be ordered either once or as subscription.


Country: Germany

The Berlin startup offers its customers fruit and vegetable boxes that can be put together according to individual wishes. The size of the box also varies depending on the price the customer wants. Deliveries are made to pick-up stations and cafés.


Country: Germany

Pielers is an online platform that acts as a marketplace for producers and consumers. Pielers focuses on regionality and sustainability. The contract is concluded directly between the producer and the customer, Pielers provides the technology and service.

Austrian Farm-to-Fork Startups


Country: Austria

AbHof-Laden wants to make it easier for conscious consumers to shop on the farm. In the AbHof-Onlineshop, farmers can give their goods directly to them in a simple way.


Country: Austria

Since 2014, customers have been able to order their “Biokistl” with fruit and vegetables from controlled organic farming at Bioigel. The company pays particular attention to the regionality and seasonality of the products.


Country: Austria

Founded by Crowdinvesting, markta is the first Austrian online farmers’ market since 2017 to sell regional food from local farmers. Through a franchise system the company wants to introduce the concept to others in the future.


Country: Austria

Nahgenuss offers farmers the opportunity to market their products directly online. Farmers can offer whole animals, while customers can split the purchase.

Swiss Farm-to-Fork Startups


Country: Switzerland

The online farm shop Farmy supplies its customers with regional products. Fresh products such as meat, vegetables or bakery products make up the largest part of its turnover.

Hofladen Express

Country: Switzerland

Hofladen delivers bags filled with local products from local farmers and suppliers to customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Offices and companies also have the possibility to be supplied with snacks.

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