Which German food tech startups have raised the most capital? Based on published data on Crunchbase and Dealroom we have compiled the 15 German Food Tech Startups with the most funding. The markets addressed by the startups are diverse and range from vertical farming solutions from the financially strongest startup Infarm to Ghost Kitchens from Keatz and fragrant drinking bottle systems from air up GmbH.

One thing is clearly visible: without financially strong investors from abroad, double-digit million sums are rare. Nevertheless, the German food tech ecosystem is maturing. Promising start-ups such as Baze (Personalized Nutrition) or Legendairy Foods (Alternative Proteins) are still in their infancy and can contribute to German Food Tech start-ups entering new dimensions in the future.

The list contains the following start-ups: Infarm, Flaschenpost, Choco, Springlane, Keatz, fliit, Mitte, Vicampo, Coffee Circle, Cara Care, Prolupin, Caterwings, Baze, Legendairy Foods and air Up.

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air up

Total funding volume: 3.200.000 €

The founding team of air up has developed a drinking bottle that uses scented pods to simulate the taste of water. One pod holds at least 5 litres of water.


Total funding volume: 5.500.000 €

The Berlin-based startup develops and distributes personalized dietary supplements, at the moment only in the USA. With a blood test at home, an app and a monthly subscription model, the missing vitamins are delivered in tablet form.

Cara Care

Total funding volume: 8.800.000 €

With an app for digestive health, Cara Care offers a service for diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome or heartburn with the help of symptom tracking and nutritionists. In the case of a “referral” from a doctor, many health insurance companies even pay for the consultation.


Total funding volume: 6.000.000 €

The Rocket Startup Caterwings is a marketplace where companies and private individuals can find the right caterer for everything from business meetings to private birthday parties. The mediated caterers pay a flexibly negotiated commission to Caterwings.


Total funding volume: 57.700.000 €

The app Choco offers a messenger service for restaurateurs, supermarkets and canteens to communicate with their suppliers, order food and request invoices.

Coffee Circle

Total funding volume: 9.000.000 €

Started as an online shop with its own brand coffee from Ethiopia in combination with social projects for the coffee farmers, Coffee Circle went online for the first time in 2010. In the meantime they also sell accessories for coffee preparation.


Total funding volume: 70.000.000 €

Founded in Münster in 2016, the startup for beverage supplies can count prominent names such as Vorwerk Ventures or Cherry Ventures among its investors.


Total funding volume: 11.000.000 €

Founded in 2016, Fliit networks manufacturers and distributors in the food industry with transport companies. Through its platform, Fliit already covers Germany and neighbouring countries. Customers include Marley Spoon and Rewe.


Total funding volume: 122.000.000 €

The smart herb gardens from infarm adapt light, temperature and nutrient density to the respective plants. They can already be found in supermarkets and warehouses of wholesalers like Amazon or Edeka.


Total funding volume: 19.400.000 €

Ghost restaurants are virtual restaurants that have no guest operations, consist only of a kitchen, and deliver food. With this concept and various restaurant brands, Keatz has started in 2017.

Legendairy Foods

Total funding volume: 4.000.000 €

Legendairy artificially cultivates the milk protein casein and whey proteins as a basis for dairy products. The first product will be a vegan mozzarella from the laboratory.


Total funding volume: 10.000.000 €

With water treatment for housholds, Mitte not only purifies water, but also enriches it with minerals. Various cartridges charge the water with minerals and trace elements. Danone Manifesto Ventures has recently invested.


Total funding volume: 7.000.000 €

Prolupin was launched in 2010 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute and produces lupin protein isolate, lupin fibres and lupin oil as a B2B solution. In 2013 they launched the B2C product range Made with Luve.


Total funding volume: 21.000.000 €

Launched in 2012 as an online platform for selling kitchen appliances, Springlane 2018 changed its business model and from now on only sells kitchen-machines under its own brand.


Total funding volume: 9.000.000 €

As one of the first e-commerce platforms for wine, Vicampo has been online since 2012 and sells wine from winemakers who do not have their own digital channels. In addition to the platform function for winegrowers, Vicampo also functions as a retailer with its own warehouse.

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