On 17.01. the already 5th Food Tech Meetup, organized by Hungry Ventures, Fabio Ziemssen from NXFood and Volker Weinlein from Katjesgreenfood took place. The theme of the meeting was the cooperation between established food companies and food start-ups. How much potential lies behind such cooperations? What challenges can arise? What are best practices? All these questions and more were discussed with the food community in the Katjesgreenfood-Office.

We thank Lebensmittel Zeitung for their support!

Our highlights

Take-aways from the 5. Food Tech Meetup

  • The ecosystem matures and creates good financing options for food and food tech start-ups, but the “unique” in USP is essential – there is no demand for “more of the same”.
  • When selling through the webshop, the focus is not on sales revenue, but on the data collected to build a strong D2C relationship.
  • The core of food startups is and remains the taste of the product, because this determines the mass suitability and probability of success on the market.




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