From trends and innovation in the food sector, to food tech, to collaboration between corporations and startups: In our video series “Hungry Ventures Experts” we present experts from our network who share exciting insights with you.

In part 1, Max Scherer, Co-Founder of Wildcorn, talks about how to create products with added value for customers and what to look out for in this context. Scherer also shows possible ways of a niche product into the mainstream – using his own company Wildcorn as an example.

Ein wichtiger Teil für uns war es zu verstehen, dass unser Produkt gar kein Mainstream-Produkt ist.

Future Development

In part 2 Max Scherer talks about the next developmental steps of Wildcorn and what he hopes to achieve with it. For the German food scene, Scherer would like to see more courage to take risks and invest.

Mehr Mut zum Risiko und Investitionen, Investitionen, Investitionen.

Collaboration between Startups and Corporates

In part 3 Max Scherer explains what is important for a functioning corporate startup cooperation. Corporates are especially encouraged to give startups the necessary space and to develop products together – without any idea of hierarchy. In addition, Scherer discusses the advantages of a startup compared to established companies, which include the possibility of testing products relatively risk-free.

Partnerschaft bedeutet längerfristiges Zusammenarbeiten.

At a glance

  • There are two ways to create innovation: On the one hand, you arouse and satisfy an unprecedented customer need, and on the other hand you consider how to improve existing products. Both ways can lead to success if the execution is right.

  • To enter the mainstream market, it is not always necessary to modify a niche product. Rather, this opens up the possibility of adding more products to the portfolio and adapting them to mainstream needs.
  • Startups usually have a clear advantage over corporates, especially when testing new products: customer proximity, flat hierarchies and a flexible supply chain make this possible. Nevertheless, young companies can also benefit greatly from a partnership with established companies. The most frequently mentioned are know-how and industry knowledge gained over many years.

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