From trends and innovation in the food sector, to food tech, to collaboration between corporates and start-ups: In our video series “Hungry Ventures Experts” we present experts from our network who share exciting insights with you.

In part 1, Nicolas Hartmann, co-founder of VlyFoods, talks about the specifics of food startups and how to enter a mainstream market with a niche product.

Eine der Kernkomponenten für Innovation im Food-Bereich ist das Team.

Expectations from the food industry

In part 2, Nicolas Hartmann talks about the launch at Edeka and his hopes for the German food industry. In doing so, he particularly emphasises a greater openness for innovation and willingness to take risks.

Diese Schnelle, mit der Innovation in Amerika vorangetrieben wird, finde ich inspirierend.

Cooperation between corporates and startups

In part 3, Nicolas Hartmann talks about cooperation with established companies and in which areas startups  have an advantage over corporates in the food industry. Hartmann sees these advantages particularly in the speed of the startups, enabling them to iterate more frequently, in their closeness to consumers and in their significantly higher risk affinity compared to established companies.

Wir teilen Corporate-Startup Zusammenarbeit immer in zwei Gruppen: Einerseits Adjacent Firms, die keine direkte Konkurrenz darstellen, andererseits Firmen auf dem gleichen Level.

At a glance

  • An important component for innovation in the food industry is the team. Startups can make faster progress than large corporations due to their agile way of working.

  • In order to launch a niche product on the market, the target group is often a critical factor, the discussion of which should not be neglected.

  • The German food industry currently still lacks the willingness to take risks and openness towards novelties and innovations.
  • Cooperation with direct competitors is often difficult due to the similar orientation. But if it works, it can be very fruitful and lay the foundations for something new.

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