From trends and innovation in the food sector, to food tech, to collaboration between corporates and startups: In our video series “Hungry Ventures Experts” we present experts from our network who share exciting insights with you.

In part 1 Volker Weinlein, Managing Director & CMO at Katjesgreenfood and CMO at Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG, talks about what transformation means for the food impact investor Katjesgreenfood and the investment company Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG.

Im Food-Business geht es um einen Bewusstseinswandel beim Kunden – um eine Transformation hin zu einem gesünderen, nachhaltigen Essen.

Innovation within the food industry

In part 2 Volker Weinlein answers the question, question what innovation means for the food impact investor Katjesgreenfood and the investment company Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG means. Nowadays, startups usually receive and want more than just financial support. Rather, the know-how from the innovation departments helps.

Startups leben Entrepreneurship, wir stellen das nötige Know-How.

Cooperation of established (food) companies with startups

What potential do you see in the cooperation between established (food) companies and startups? In part 3, Volker Weinlein explains how this cooperation may look like for Katjes and Katjesgreenfood. He sees great added value in the fact that corporates are also able to try out new products and working methods.

Man muss den Mut haben, etwas Neues auszuprobieren.

Trends in the food industry

Which trends will change the food industry in the coming years? Part 4 concludes the interview with important factors for building a food brand and trends that will change the food industry. Standing out among the brands that have existed on the market so far is often a challenge these days. Two aspects are especially important here: a charismatic founder or team of founders and a differentiated, well thought-out brand.

Wir müssen dem Kunden neue Angebote machen, um ihn in seinem Bewusstseinswandel inmitten der Food-Revolution abzuholen.

At a glance

  • In the food industry, a change in consumer awareness is often more important than digitalization – especially when it comes to plant-based products.
  • In the future, this change in values will have to take place sooner or later: Globalization and a constantly growing population makes purely meat-based nutrition impossible.
  • Corporate startup cooperations have mutual benefits: Corporates can try out agile work methods and integrate them into existing structures. In turn, as an addition to financial support, startups receive valuable know-how in developing their business models.
  • To build a new brand, a charismatic team of founders on the one hand and a differentiated brand on the other hand are necessary.

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