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Berlin, November 25th, 2019

How I Like stands for healthy, immediate food care at the workplace. As one of the first Hungry Ventures portfolio startups, the company has been on the market with its smart refrigerators since 2016 and is stirring up the food innovation scene since. Now the Swedish market leader Convini has acquired a majority stake in How I Like.

Important milestones of cooperation and success factors for the acquisition of How I Like by Convini:

  • Since March 2018, the food innovation platform Hungry Ventures has been acting as a strategic network partner for the food tech startup. The cooperation initially laid a strong focus on operation. Nevertheless, Hungry Ventures succeeded in developing an intelligent solution for an alternative point of sale together with How I Like.
  • Using a smart refrigerator that offers a rich selection of healthy meals and drinks, How I Like solves the problem of having a healthy and immediate food & beverage supply in the office. It can be operated through either a smartphone or customer card. In addition to coworking spaces and start-ups, How I Like’s customers include medium-sized and large companies, including Amazon, PayPal, Käuferportal, Exozet, Siemens and Deutsche Bahn.
  • Key success factors of the strategic cooperation between Hungry Ventures and How I Like included an entrepreneurial, user-centric approach, expertise in food tech and the integration of innovative technologies. In addition, Hungry Ventures connected the startup with industry partners and potential investors.
  • This is how a simple solution to a problem resulted in a business model with a product market fit, which was acquired by the Swedish market leader Convini in the fall of 2019.
  • With the help of the acquisition, How I Like is aiming to drive its growth strategy across the board and provide the food industry with valuable product insights on an even larger scale.

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