Food Tech has great potential and can solve many problems

The European Food Tech Landscape is increasingly attracting interest from venture capitalists. Among others, the VCs Blue Horizon Ventures, Five Seasons Ventures as well as the Nordic Food Tech VC invest exclusively in startups in the food and food tech ecosystem and are thus one of the first movers.

Even though there is now more money being invested in the food tech scene, there is still too little capital compared to other industries. The potential that still exists in the food sector has not been fully leveraged by any means. Many problems are directly related to the food sector, including sustainability, food safety, and food security in an ever-growing society and making the thrive of this industry even more important.

It will be exciting to see which areas will continue to assert themselves in the food sector and how our value chain will be repositioned as a result of that.

Currently, we are just touching the surface.

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