Scalabilty and consumer demands - driver of personalization

Personalized nutrition has different degrees of individualization. It can be targeted to a group of people or to a problem, as for-women products by the company Her1 show. Beyond that, it can go as far as taking a blood test and creating completely tailor-made vitamins to address consumer’s deficiencies. LOEWI replaces vitamin pills, powders, mineral tablets, or even plant extracts by a spoonful of LOEWI.

On the one hand, increasing consumer demand for a more personalized approach. On the other, scientific advancements combined with technology are making these products increasingly scalable and successful.

Forward-thinking solutions to address logistics and scalability issues may also increasingly move toward 3D printing, as demonstrated by Getnourished, a U.K.-based company. In any case, the future of personalized nutrition is far from over, and exciting new trends lie ahead.

The industry is a the start of the hockey stick as processes start to interlock

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