Innovation Sprint

Further develop existing ideas and jointly prioritize innovative solutions

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Comprehensive preparation through preliminary interviews with key stakeholders

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Method-based workshop

Sprint using appropriate methods for open discussion

Prioritised options for action

Prioritization of options for action taking into account the respective market positioning



The Innovation Sprint defines unique selling points that can be defended against the competition and specifies strategic strengths in terms of innovation strategies.

In the sprint format, improvement potentials, product concepts, collaboration approaches and other innovation strategies are jointly evaluated.

Taking into account the existing competencies and market positioning, concrete options for action are developed and prioritized.
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Together with an energy company, we have developed state-of-the-art recultivation measures. Together with agricultural and technology experts, we have prioritized and subsequently implemented specific business areas.


Together with a consumer goods group, we have tested sustainable packaging solutions for their technical feasibility. In cooperation with food and packaging technologists, state-of-the-art solutions from research and practice were evaluated.

Warm CheeseChallenge

Together with an internationally active cheese manufacturer, we prepared innovative product ideas for target markets in Europe and tested them in a challenge. Together with chefs, designers and the input of startup founders, we tested the prototypes on the target group and sharpened and prioritised the concepts.

Malte Lorenz

Prioritize and implement innovation projects?

Malte Lorenz
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