Innovation Unit

Systematically implementing new business models and setting up a vehicle for partnerships and investments

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Ambitions and goals

Definition of financial and strategic goals in accordance with existing structures and resources

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Organizational structure

Decision on the organizational setup as internal, external or partnership unit

Operation and further development

Establishment of legal structures, initial marketing and continuous support and development of the unit

Select the right innovation unit.


Innovation potential is present in every company. However, innovations are often nipped in the bud early on. We provide an overview of contemporary modes of innovation - from accelerator to corporate venture capital arm.

We know the advantages and disadvantages of different models from practical experience. When setting up new units, we use best practices and ensure that they are anchored in the food and tech ecosystem.

The optimal model must be developed and implemented step by step in a process. We draw on our experience, e.g. with requirements for key personnel and internal decision-making processes.
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Past projects



With a coffee company, we have laid the foundation stone for an innovation unit outside the core organisation. Together we developed the process from the development of a product vision to the entrepreneurial validation of product prototypes with real customers.

Startup Partnership

Together with a biotechnology and food group, we have set up a global startup partnership program. The program facilitates cooperation with strategically relevant startups.


CorporateVenture Capital

With a food company in the dairy segment we accompanied the development of a corporate venture capital vehicle. As a continuous sparring partner we designed strategic goals and key figures and provided access to the start-up ecosystem.

Malte Lorenz

Create an organisational framework for innovation?

Malte Lorenz
Managing Partner
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Creating new business models and partnerships with an innovation vehicle?

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