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We aim at combining the speed and digital-first mentality of startup environments with the ambitions and resources of established companies. That’s how we’re realizing growth – bringing together the best of both worlds.

Hungry Ventures is an innovation consultancy based in Berlin. Our main focus is on the food and consumer goods industry. We help established companies to develop feasible growth strategies, to facilitate startup partnerships or investments, and to realize innovation projects.

As an independent venture builder, we also support our partners in designing, validating, and scaling new business models. Our team combines experience with drive – and entrepreneurially implements digital and sustainable innovations.

Strategic consulting in the area of innovation

Which growth areas are emerging? What are international competitors doing? Where do investor funds flow? Which new products and services really do have long-term potential?


  • Identify current opportunities and risks
  • Prioritize product and service ideas
  • Develop concrete options forward
Book sprint


  • Decode market and competitive developments
  • Develop a holistic growth strategy
  • Define feasible business opportunities
Develop Roadmap

Implementation of new business models

How can innovations be implemented faster? Does it make sense to build, partner, or invest? Which companies are viable options for strategic partnerships?

Innovation Unit

  • Design the unit according to the specific innovation ambitions
  • Enable strategic partnerships and investments
  • Choose the suitable structure and incentives
Set up Innovation Unit

Venture Building

  • Validate new business models efficiently
  • Create external setup and build new business
  • Leverage existing competencies and resources
Build venture

What we stand for

Individualized approach

Every project is different. Therefore, we start from scratch every time. That’s how we make sure to best use the resources at hand. And what enables us to efficiently strategize and bring solutions to market as quickly as possible.


We focus on the clients and their customers. We focus on identifying their real problems. Through conducting interviews and building prototypes, we follow a data-based approach along the way of developing solutions.

Joint Goals

Trust and united interests are the key to successful partnerships – also when it comes to digital business models. We think through who we can collaborate with, and what it is that we’re aiming for. We don’t count hours or man-days, but measure ourselves against jointly defined goals!

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