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Hungry Ventures is an angel investment vehicle, providing pre-seed startups with first capital, strategic advice, and powerful connections.

Our focus areas

We love all startups,
but focus on three sectors.

We know what it feels like to be entrepreneurs. We get hooked when meeting the right founders tackling a market or problem we are passionate about. Currently, we are focusing on technology-driven startups in food, health, and climate.

Our approach

We partner with exceptional founders to take them from 0 to 1.

How do we invest?

Our investment approach is people-driven. We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs with a strong founder-market fit and deep domain expertise.

At what stage do we invest?

We back the best founders as early as possible and invest in early-stage pre-seed rounds.

How much do we invest?

Typically, our ticket size per deal ranges between €20k and €50k. Occasionally, we also join rounds led by other angel syndicates with smaller tickets. 

Recent investments

We invest where we add value

Since 2018, we are in investing in startups, trying to provide substantial value through our experience and network. We are based in Berlin and London, but are dedicated to startups from all over Europe and beyond.

Barcelona, Spain

Freshis delivers fresh products from farm to table, taking care of you, producers and the world.

Holm, Germany

One.five offers sustainable and individualised circular packaging solutions.

Palo Alto, US

Hedgehog is building robotic farms to optimize growth conditions for mushrooms and fungi.

Berlin, Germany

tupu creates self-reliant cities while changing
the way we produce food.

Baltimore, US

Mooji Meats is developing Meat 2.0, the next generation of ethical and sustainable meat.

Changing the fresh produce sector

Freshis delivers fresh products from farm to table in one hour. The Spanish startup changes the highly fragmented and poorly digitized fresh produce sector by creating transparency in the value chain and eliminating intermediaries and unnecessary costs.


Unleashing fungi as our next major food source

Hedgehog is building the mushroom farms of the future, utilizing robots and AI to eliminate labor and optimize yields. The US-based Y Combinator startup, optimizes growth conditions to grow for 1/3 of the cost of current leading growers.


Redefining the packaging industry

one.five is a materials discovery and scale-up platform. Through breakthroughs in bio-based materials and the remake of single-use plastics, the startup equips consumer brands and packaging converters with solutions to make their product lines truly circular.


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